Hard to find tech talent?
Not with OrderBoard.

Hiring AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Data Science talent just got a lot easier.

Your company wants to utilize a hot new technology. First mover advantage is out there for the taking, but you have to move quickly.

You have the budget and the open positions. But how can you hire the people you need to bring the hot new technologies to life when demand for talent exceeds supply?

That's when you turn to OrderBoard.

OrderBoard uses big data, artificial intelligence and years of experience in building teams to enable our clients to find the people to create organizations that can tackle the challenges of the hottest new technologies.

“Demand is off the charts for Blockchain talent.”

“If you have recent experience looking for AI specialists to join your team, it’s quite clear that we’re facing an AI skills crisis.”

“Cybersecurity Workforce Shortage: It’s a State of Emergency”


Hire high demand tech talent
Using Big Data & AI to find the Best Candidates for your team
Understand Supply & Demand
Hire high demand tech talent
  • OrderBoard focuses on hiring hard-to-find people with skills in high demand technology domains
  • OrderBoard specializes in the United States job market at present
Using Big Data & AI to find the Best Candidates for your team
  • People with the skills you need
  • People who can quickly develop the skills you need
  • People you will be able to attract
  • People you will be able to retain
Understand Supply & Demand
  • Data for the entire US or for the locations where you want to hire
  • How many people are out there with the skills you need?
  • Hot how is the market?
  • Who else is trying to hire the people you want?
Help teams understand and improve their attractiveness
Develop Recruiting Strategy
Recruiting Reimagined
Help teams understand and improve their attractiveness
  • How attractive is working for your organization compared to your main competitors?
  • What short term steps can you can take to make your organization more attractive?
Develop Recruiting Strategy
  • Identify the mix of sources you should draw from
  • Identity the best places to search
  • Identify best messages for recruiting
Recruiting Reimagined
  • Using data to match people to roles quickly
  • Building effective organizations, not just putting people in seats


Artificial Intelligence

A Fortune 50 company wanted to start an Artificial Intelligence unit in Silicon Valley. They hired a well known AI leader but were struggling to find desirable candidates who were interested in a joining a firm without a strong technology reputation.

OrderBoard was able to quickly establish a pipeline of highly qualified candidates.

OrderBoard then helped to modify the recruiting process to improve recruiting success. This included revamping the messaging to potential employees and streamlining the recruiting process so that it would demonstrate to potential recruits that the hiring effort was respectful of their needs.

The first candidate has started and OrderBoard is managing a steady state pipeline of additional recruits.

Cyber Security

A consulting firm with a leading cybersecurity practice found its growth goals were at risk because of their inability to keep up with recruiting needs.

OrderBoard was asked to identify candidates at two locations. OrderBoard provided 100 candidates -- 50 at each location in a few days.

Feedback from the client was that 98 of the 100 candidates were appropriate and that no other firm had come close to this success rate. About 10% of the candidates were interested, which was the expected level.

As a consequence, OrderBoard has been engaged to find candidates across a range of specialities and locations and to provide techniques to accelerate the processes of contacting and engaging candidates.


We have a passion for making HR better and bring many years of experience in HR, HR Technology, AI and Data Science to the OrderBoard team.

We're based in Tel Aviv Israel and in Provo, Utah with a few people in New York, Miami and Las Vegas. We're proud of our culture and the opportunity to bring the best of the two cultures together from the start. We love the Israeli Start-Up nation "can do" attitude and the deep understanding we have of the HR market in the US.

Our team has broad experience in HR, HR Technology, AI and Data science. We’ve worked at start-ups and large corporations, at software companies and research institutions such as Bell Labs and Qualtrics.